2017 Documentary, THE WEIGHT OF HONOR – Long-term fundraising goals.

As many of your know, THE WEIGHT OF HONOR team conducted a fundraising campaign last summer. With the help of our friends, fans and family, we raised over $18,000 from over 100 donors. We were so completely grateful to everyone for their support. And although we loved being in touch with everyone and feeling their love, we didn’t love the platform we used, or the pressure created by the strict structure of the fundraising platform.

To that end, we are launching a fundraiser of a different sort.  We’ll be spending the rest of 2017 raising $15,000 and more to assist us with film festival applications, community outreach and promotional materials for both.

Each month, we’ll set a different financial goal.

JUNE 2017 is just $500 which will be used for film festival submissions.
If you or someone you know would love to donate to help with festival and community outreach expenses, we would love to hear from them.  If they don’t like to interface electronically, we are happy to talk with them over the phone and share more of our journey thus far and our goals for THE WEIGHT OF HONOR.

TO MAKE A DONATION THIS MONTH, CLICK HERE http://bit.ly/WeightOfHonorFundraising

Click here to make a donation to help complete THE WEIGHT OF HONOR


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