#HappyInternationalWomensDay – to all the women in our 2017 documentary caring for our veterans

It’s International Women’s Day – and although each of us owes gratitude to the women who brought us into the world, over here, we feel we owe a BIG Thank You and deep gratitude to the women who are bringing our catastrophically wounded veterans back into the world.

THANK YOU to the veterans caregivers in our 2017 documentary THE WEIGHT OF HONOR.

Veterans_Caregivers in The_Weight_Of_Honor 2017 documentary


If you’d like to support these women and the over 1 million family caregivers caring for catastrophically wounded veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – support our film with a donation.  One of the best ways to raise awareness to this cause is to be sure civilians are made aware of the “caregiver next-door”.   The more donations we receive, the faster the film can be completed and the faster we can all participate and support these remarkable women.

We THANK YOU in advance for any sized donation you can give!

2017_documentary Weight_Of_Honor


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